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Not all the properties served by R.E. Peters Company are “distressed.” We also have clients who are owners and investors in healthy property assets that are simply going into hibernation. These clients have every intention to develop or build one day, but want to wait until the market improves. Such assets can be in different stages of development, and are susceptible to weathering, deterioration and vandalism if not properly maintained and protected. R.E. Peters Company helps them with property assessments, maintaining asset and property value, reviewing water quality plan compliance, defining municipality disposition and creating budget estimates for what it will take to keep dormant assets primed for the upturn.

If you are: a financial institution with healthy properties that are being put on hold until the market rebounds, R.E. Peters Company can:
  • Assess your property and define its status
  • Identify steps toward asset protection or upkeep
  • Determine the physical characteristics of the site
  • Provide recommendations to maintain the asset’s disposition
  • Conduct complete property (asset) maintenance and seasonal interior and exterior upkeep
  • Provide budget estimates for the cost of asset maintenance and upkeep
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