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California residential development experts who help banks and others associated with distressed real-estate assets.

R.E. Peters Company R.E. Peters Company

It's a New Year...A New Administration...And Time for a New Approach to Your Distressed Property.

If you are a court-appointed receiver for a partially complete retail or commercial property - R. E. Peters is your key to managing distressed assets.

We are land development experts who help banks and other foreclosing lenders evaluate and manage distressed real estate assets in California.

As your consultant, R. E. Peters Company will:

√  Conduct an exterior boundary assessment to include street-widening and perimeter improvements

√   Define status of permits, inspections and release steps for business use

√  Identify the status of health department permits and inspections

√  Determine the physical characteristics of the horizontal and vertical components of the site

√  Determine the validity of permits and jurisdictional approvals

It’s time for you to meet President Rick Peters!

Mr. Peters is one of California’s leading experts in the development and construction of large-scale residential developments. For more than 27 years, he was a Director of Construction at Fieldstone Communities Inc.’s California division.

At Fieldstone, he was in charge of the design, construction and warranty of more than 12,000 homes.

Our goal is to fill a vital need in today’s challenging marketplace – where foreclosures have driven so much real estate into the hands of financial institutions.

We are here to help! Contact us today.

Rick Peters
R.E. Peters Company

About R.E. Peters Company, Inc.

R.E. Peters Company, Inc. is a real estate consulting firm based in Southern California that assists banks, land owners, asset managers, trustees and court appointed receivers with assessment and management of distressed real estate assets.
For more information, please call 714-713-1277 or visit our Web site at  www.repeterscompany.com

       Rick Peters, President

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